Reddit Users Reveal The True Appeal of Celebs In Bed

  1. Justin Bieber

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Reddit is full of both useful and useless information. Recently, an Ask Reddit thread broke out where regular people dished on their one night stands with celebs.

This is all of the information we found on some of the biggest celebrities.


“Summer of 2013 my friends and I met Justin Bieber at Muzik Nightclub in Toronto. One of my friends ended up leaving with Justin and his boys to go back to The Hazelton (hotel). She ended up sleeping with Justin and and multiple boys from his crew. There was like 5 girls there and they made them all sign contracts and took away their cellphones. He referred to himself as JB and made everyone sit around and listen to him sing for like an hour while he continuously smoked a shit ton of weed. Too funny.”


””mollym00n, Reddit

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